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Dragons Defenders of Berk: DVD Review

dragonsdefendersofberkpart1As a fan of the movie How to Train Your Dragon, I had high expectations for this spinoff of the film franchise. I was not let down. Within the first few minutes of watching the second season (you can catch up on the events from season one pretty quickly), I was charmed. It’s cute, it’s funny and the animation is flawless. Another plus is that most of the original voice cast from the film reprise their roles, including Jay Baruchel as Hiccup and America Ferrera as Astrid.

Continuing from the events that took place in season one, Hiccup and his fellow dragon riders still protect Berk and train at the dragon academy. Alvin and the Outcast Tribe have possession of the Book of Dragons and it is only a matter of time before he learns how to train his own dragons and unleash them on Berk. Viewers are introduced to new and more ferocious dragons such as a vengeful Screaming Death and The Skrill. All of the episodes in this first half of the season are enjoyable, funny and very well written. For fans of the show and theĀ  first season, which first aired in 2010 on The Cartoon Network, it does a fantastic job of continuing the story.

Extras on this DVD include “SuperFly” Dragon Mash-up, Dragon Tracker Part 3, Evolution of Screaming Death and World of Dreamworks Animation. I especially enjoyed Evolution of Screaming Death and World of Dreamworks Animation. Kids and adults alike will love watching this over and over again. ~Tarah Bleier